Monday, August 16, 2010

Sykes' Parenthood Hypocrisy

Via the Brawler:
Charlie Sykes, who exited two child-producing marriages, now jumping on Jennifer Aniston regarding her remarks that women "don't have to fiddle with a man to have that child." Deploring "Hollywood celebrities glamorizing fatherless parenting." "are dads optional?"
Apparently it is OK as long as it's the father that takes himself out of the equation.


  1. Has Sykes stopped raising his kids, despite his divorce? Umm, no he hasn't. Even though Sykes is not your number 1 on your reading list, he is a proud parent of his kids, especially since they won the state title in tennis.
    Pretty low, capper and the idiot you linked to.

  2. I have to say after reading you post for the third time, it is a bunch of crap that you posted. Since when did divorced dads take themselves out of child rearing? As a divorced dad, I certainly resent that, especially since I am the primary parent, especially this summer.
    This really sucks as a cheap shot and a big shot at divorced parents. Get with the real world, my friend. Many, if not most divorced dads do raise their children in a responsible manner. Unless you and the idiot Brawler have some kind of evidence that Sykes neglected his kids, you should take this post down. Don't know about Brawler, I have read his blog once or twice and he seems like a very narrow minded mental midget, so there probably is no help for him.

  3. That'f funny you pathetic twit, since we are talking about Chuck, the King of the Pharisees.

    If he is going to attack someone's morality he'd better be prepared to defend his own. That's the way we play it here in the Badger State dimwit.

    You overlook the fact that Charlie McCarthy has a habit of launching cheap shots on a daily basis.

  4. Considering you are posting as anonymous, I guess you don't the balls to make yourself known.
    You sir are the the pathetic twit.