Friday, August 27, 2010

Charlie The Brave

To Mequon-livin', tassel-loafer-wearin', thrice-married Charlie, this is of course elitism, a big middle finger to his mouth-breathing audience. So in a self styled exercise of speaking truth to power, he blasted Pimental and editor Marty Kaiser (who is conservative -- gotta love Chuck's headgames) and told his listeners that even if it put his job at risk -- Marty's a big wheel, y'know-- he would "give you information you are not going to get from the rest of the media." Indeed, there is "no reason for me to have this job if I don't tell people exactly what I think about this."

It's difficult to tell whether chuck really thinks he is making some kind of principled stand or if he's just playing his audience for rubes. And frankly I can't decide which is more amusing.

-The Brawler

Read the whole thing here.

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