Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The RoJo Policy Towards The Press Continues

From xoff at Uppity Wisconsin:
Patrick McIlheran, the Journal Sentinel right-wing columnist in residence, tags along with Senate candidate Ron Johnson, and -- wow! -- he turns out just to be a regular guy, not a politician!

He's just learning the ropes, Paddy says, so you'll just to excuse him if he doesn't know shit from Shinola when it comes to issues.

The real news of the column, however, is this: While RoJo's handlers hide him from the news media as much as possible, except when he needs to walk back the latest of his daily gaffes, Paddy Mac is invited to tag along.

It doesn't surprise me at all. Any similarity between what McIlheran does and actual reporting is purely accidental.

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