Friday, August 13, 2010

We Take Ayn Rand Seriously

This has been making the rounds for a while, but I just can't help but thinking of Charlie Sykes or Patrick McIlheran with their skewed perception of reality when I read this:
Now let me explain why your son was wrong.

When little Aiden toddled up our daughter Johanna and asked to play with her Elmo ball, he was, admittedly, very sweet and polite. I think his exact words were, "Have a ball, peas [sic]?" And I'm sure you were very proud of him for using his manners.

To be sure, I was equally proud when Johanna yelled, "No! Looter!" right in his looter face, and then only marginally less proud when she sort of shoved him. The thing is, in this family we take the philosophies of Ayn Rand seriously. We conspicuously reward ourselves for our own hard work, we never give to charity, and we only pay our taxes very, very begrudgingly.
That does sound like the GOP creed. They want all the money for learning to crap on everyone else, and they don't like to share.

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