Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Smackdown City

As we reported here last week, the Onion had an interview with Eugene Kane. In this interview, Mr. Kane had some hard hitting comments about the local right wing media.

Finally figuring it out a week later, Sykes gets petulant about the issue. He resorts to the elementary school retort, "Oh yeah. Well, so are you!" Please note, like playground bullies, the peanut gallery feels it necessary to chime in in the comment thread, defending their hero, and making fools out of them at the same time.

Kane fires back almost immediately (he must have been waiting for it):

Gee, Chuck, you don't think I'm good on TV? I guess that discounts my FOUR years hosting public TV's "Black Nouveau" and my numerous appearances on both local and national TV over the years. I even did a sit-down interview with Mike Gousha on his old Sunday night TV show. (Gousha has a new Sunday morning public affairs show that viewers should make sure to check out. It's really good.)

Basically, Charlie's "Insight" show is more like a vanity production designed around its host than a legitimate public affairs program. There's nothing wrong with him picking and choosing guests, but he should stop acting like that makes him some sort of media kingpin. (PS. Charlie, you know you would LOVE to have me on your show but I don't want to help your ratings.)

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  1. Whoever got McBride canned should just do a little research and planning and repeat the process for Charlie and put him and the rest of us out of our misery. He can surely afford to retire by now if he isn't making too much in support payments to his former wives.

    Or wait, maybe they are all outearning him these days and he could get some maintaiance payments and travel around the wine country in France full time.