Wednesday, March 19, 2008

This Could Be Interesting

McBride is not only back, she is expanding her horizons. Even though she has not been posting regularly on her own blogsite, she has taken the plunge to develop a second site, which she states will be dedicated solely to the election coming up in less than two weeks. If you go to the site, you would notice that she has not had much of a chance to clean it up much, and it looks like a mess. A perfect example would be her banner which looks like this:

Her first target was Supreme Court Justice Louis Butler. Toeing the party line, she takes the WMC approach of attacking Justice Butler.

Unfortunately, I do not have the time to figure out what her argument is, much less whether or not it is accurate.

Perhaps an astute local attorney would be willing and have enough free time to try to muddle through the mess and see what her point is, if there is one, and whether it is accurate. I am willing to offer the opportunity to guest blog (or to be a tenant, so to speak) here at Whallah! with his to offer us his review.


  1. Okay, it must be a cipher.

    If you take the second letter of each grouping you get


    Lyin'! She's giving us a warning!

  2. She need not blog now. With 12 days left the race is run. Gableman wins with the help of McBride and Gleisner wins with the help of Bucher. They both support Bucher for circuit court judge in April of 2009. And Wallah the Buchers are back in power and Wallah will have a lot to write about.

  3. PS
    She will clean uo the blog. She let one of her students try his hand at creating it. Unfortunately, it shows.

  4. Jessica should stick to "journalism."

  5. On Belling today, he could not even defend Bucher. A caller tried to make the point that Bucher was lying about about Gleisner being a convservative. Belling kept talking about how it didn't matter it was which was the lesser of two evils. But he didn't try to provide any cover for Bucher. Maybe Belling has decided Bucher is yesterday's news.

  6. Zach w, you do realize she has in-house expert advising her on legal matters?

  7. Tonight she is arguing about Justic Butler defending a client when he was a public defender. Didn't Super Paul just try to get a man off of five or six alleged sexual assault charges because he wasn't really employed at the time hence the information was wrong because it charged him with his actions while being employed by the school.

    But there was a dfifference, PD Butler was only doing a job for justice giving an indigent client a defense while Paul was doing it for the money. After all he has daughters 3 and 23 with three boys sandwiched in between to support.

    Keep up the great "journalism" Jessica