Monday, November 24, 2008

Will Belling Apologize To The Family?

Last week, we told you of the hard work from Michael Horne, shooting down Belling's crazed conspiracy ideas about the death of a Mequon doctor.

He continues to show that he is worth the praise I gave him by cracking the story that the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner's office has reviewed the autopsy of Dr. Bradley Mays, and found that the findings previously reported are consisted with their own findings, and that Dr. Mays did not die from any sort of nefarious plot.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel also reports the same findings a day later than Mr. Horne in their Sunday issue.

Judging from the third comment in Michael Horne's post, which came from a friend of the widow and the late doctor, it seems that Belling's source, this brother, Truman, is the one that might have some sort of nefarious scheme to make gain from his brother's premature demise.


  1. I wonder if Dan will admit he was wrong -- again.

  2. The Conley newspapers are running a retraction of the crap Belling wrote. Any self-respecting publisher would dump a columnist who made such ridiculous errors...which pretty much means Conley will continue to carry him.