Tuesday, March 30, 2010

PaddyMac Points The Way. The Wrong Way, That Is.

Paddy doesn't hold back any of his tricks in this post, in which he tries to keep up the Scott Walker talking points about the zoo interchange, even though Walker's bluster and grandstanding is crumbling and falling faster than a block of concrete of the county courthouse.

McIlheran uses the old faux concern, the hypocrisy and the circular logic that has made people like Dad29 and Charlie Sykes think that he is something more than he is, which is nothing more than a puppet.

Even while he makes snide innuendos of blaming Jim Doyle and Tom Barrett, he keeps calling for the end of the "blame game."

Perhaps he is hoping that it ends before too many people find out that Walker is just as culpable as anyone. Maybe even more so, since he took no action whatsoever, good or ill, to fix the interchange:

Is anyone else starting to think that Eddie Haskell was Patrick's hero while growing up?

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