Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Why He Is An Award Winner

From Brawler:

Patrick McIlheran has a good chortle over this story in the Guardian that says "Obama's docs" recommend "moderation of alcohol intake."

Actually, if you click through to the actual memo -- cleverly hidden on the White House's Web site -- you find the doctors call for him to "continue" moderation of alcohol intake.

It's the kind of mistake you'd expect from somebody who'd only spent two years as a reporter and one a conscientious journalist would seek to correct. Wouldn't hold my breath on that one from Pat.

One of the royal spies has informed me that Paddy is up to win an award in a special ceremony at the Dells. The awarding group are the Teabaggers, who thrive off of this kind of misinformation.

But just the fact that Paddy is up for this award leads to three questions.

1) Will they call it a Baggie or a TeeBee?

2) Will the award look something like this?

3) Will the friendship between Paddy and Charlie Sykes survive Paddy winning a contest and Sykes still remaining nothing more than a nominee?

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  1. I saw McIlheran on the Sykes show. Talk about an oddball. No way I would leave that guy alone with my kids.