Tuesday, October 19, 2010

But It's OK If He Does It

Charlie Sykes has a follow up to a story he's been carping about a lot. The story deals with state unions using state email for political purposes. He is correct in saying it's wrong.

But the question is: What right does he have to judge, given that he gives so much free air time to Republican candidates, especially Scott Walker, during work hours? Nor has Chuckles ever once condemned Walker for his political bike ride on tax payers money. Or for Darlene Wink. Or for Tim Russell.

There is a word for people like Sykes when he does that. Actually, there are several words. The polite one is hypocrite.


  1. Maybe Chuckles does it because he is a private citizen and with a talk show, he can say just about anything he wants? Just thinking that may be the case.

  2. Charlie Sykes is not "just a private citizen." He is on public airwaves backed by a corporation that is making in-kind contributions to a political party. He is a house organ. He coordinates daily and uses talking points. The tail that wags the dog even caused their retraction of a hit piece on Nancy Pelosi. Private citizen my ass. That's why his serial adultery, his making-up of quotes, and his outright lying is fair freaking game.