Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fox News No Match For Milwaukee Dems

Fox News, who has donated one million dollars to the sleazemeisters of the Republican Governors Association, tried to crash Monday night's meeting of the Democratic Party for Milwaukee County.

It appears that Fox bit off more than could chew this time:

The sad news is now Faux News will do what they usually do, and just go ahead and make stuff up.


  1. This is exactly the way to play it with FOX.

  2. Actually, yeah, this was the correct way yo deal with them. They would have just made it up anyway, even if they were allowed to stay.

  3. I think the guy at the podium was just as confused about who FNC and WITI really are. Just as confused...

    Or are ya'll saying Vince Condella lies about tomorrows weather on purpose?

  4. You mean WITI as in FOX6? No, no relationship between them, right? Man, the wingers will go to know end to deny reality.

  5. I can't reason someone out of a position they didn't reason themselves into.

    All I can do is make it known...