Wednesday, April 27, 2011

*Sniff, Sniff*. Do You Smell Smoke?

The other day, we pointed the gentle reader to Illy-T's* play by play as Patrick McIlheran gets victimized in a flame war with the second in command of the news room, George Stanley.  The flaming of McIlheran was about a German study claiming that BPA was safe.

Looks like the ensuing lull was not a cease fire, but merely Stanley loading up the big flamethrower:
Four authors of a new report concluding that bisphenol A is safe have ties to companies and groups that benefit from the controversial chemical.

The report was written by the Advisory Committee to the German Society for Toxicology, the country's national association of toxicologists.
Poor Paddy won't be able to sit for a week the way his ass is getting burned.

*Illy-T's coverage was so masterful, even the real media noticed it.

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  1. You're making a couple of assumptions; one that P-Mac is self-aware enough to be shamed by anything (past events put the lie to this one) and second, that he has any interest in being non-partisan. His track record of shilling for industry, sundry and various, is clear enough.

    Young Patrick would have us all bow to our new corporate masters. I'm sorry, our enhanced business climate.