Sunday, April 17, 2011

Vicki McThugga

Vicki McKenna loves to attack working men and women by referring to anyone who stands up for democracy or for basic rights as "union thugs."  It has become the favorite bogeyman of the right wing squawking class.

Of course, the rest of us know that there is not one grain of truth in it, since tens of thousands of people can show up to make their voices heard and not one person gets arrested.

However, the same can't be said for squawk radio hosts.  For example, there is the infamous ticket given to Charlie "Light my fuse" Sykes.  But it turns out, he's not the only scofflaw on the Wisconsin airwaves.

There is also Vicki Pyzysnki, or as you may know her, Vicki McKenna.  It appears that Ms. McKenna was arrested and charged with two counts of disorderly conduct for being "verbally and physically combative" at a Badgers game at Camp Randall.  Reports indicate that she also resisted arrest. Yes, alcohol was involved.

The charges were eventually dropped due to deferred prosecution.

Perhaps the most interesting thing though is this part of the story of her arrest:
The booking record noted her tattoos: ``Wolf on back, snake on chest.''
Source of picture: Sly


  1. It looks to me like it was a U2 concert, not a Badger game. She's one of the Fighting Irish (Half Irish myself, so I can say that)

  2. I usually support your work, and I appreciate what you do, but why engage in slum, petty journalism? Just because the other side does it?

    You are much better than that!

    concernedcitizen, JSOnline Blog Contributor

  3. I find this very interesting.

    As a lifelong resident of Madison I've often been intrigued by the evolution of our radio talkers. How did they come to play the roles they do? What kind of people are they?

    Radio is a tough business and you have to supply what the market demands. I suspect a lot of these folks didn't even start out believing what they preach. But after Rush Limbaugh set the standard of right wing talk, they followed suit and sold out to the folks who support this crap.

    Vicki McKenna used to be a friend. I used to call her up and try to straighten her out when she was on a tear about some issue and had her facts wrong. I was foolish enough to think she actually cared what the facts were. Now I realize she's moved past that. Recently I heard her rattling on with Nancy Mistele about the "union thugs" and horrible liberals, etc. It was pretty grim.

    I was not aware of the scuffle with cops, the wolf and snake tattoo. Makes me wonder what that's all about. What did she go through to be so angry? Fact is, I still hold out hope for her and hope we can be friends again one day. She used to be a real sweetheart.

  4. If you're going to work for Clear Channel you can be puerile or pugnacious but you'd better not be boring. McKenna is just doubling down on the corporate style.

  5. She's become very bitter and cantankerous for a 40-something. I'm sure she earns a good living, drives a nice car, lives in a nice house and yet she acts as though someone has stolen everything from her.

  6. I really believe that Vicki McKenna is, overall, a good person!

    I have had some experience with her and can vouch for her character! Even though I had some major disagreements also with some of her points of view!

    Admittedly, I was curious about the "charges" that supposedly had been brought upon her...
    I think it is hypocritical, narcissistic, and a one-sided waste of time to post this kind of smear!

    I'm looking forward to seeing more pointless attack journalism here!
    You guys ever consider tag-teaming with Perez Hilton?
    You should write a dual-blog, titled "waste of internet space"

  7. I find this very hilarious, miss Vicki throws a lot of rocks, best not live in a glass house, poor tortured Vicki, at least she admits she was a socialist, then came round to being a libertarian of sorts. She really is harmless as her constant repetition of subject matter has the listener with any intelligent thought quickly turning elsewhere.
    Frustrated lesbo ? Who knows, and for that matter cares !!