Thursday, October 20, 2011

Barrett Can Now Give Sykes A Deep Tunnel Award

During last year's gubernatorial race, it seemed that the entire right side of the blogosphere suddenly realized that they had been traumatized during their toilet training. (We already knew that about Charlie Sykes, who every Friday thrills himself by playing toileting-related soundtracks and handing out an award named after a sewer.  A very far cry from the famed Golden Fleece Award handed out by the late Sen. Proxmire.)  Every time it even rained, the radio squawking heads and the Posse Comatose would practically wet themselves in anticipation that it might be a big rain and that MMSD would have to dump some mixed sewage into Lake Michigan.

The scatologically-fixated right wing zombies would practically poop themselves in order to get their attack posts published.  Charlie Sykes and company would spend days totally obsessed with the subject.  You couldn't turn on WTMJ or WISN radio stations without hearing one of their shock jocks screaming "THERE'S POOP IN THE WATER!!"

Of course, to maintain their attack, they had to ignore that not only was the Milwaukee sewer system working as it was designed to do, it was vastly improved over the old system or the systems of other cities, like Chicago.

It makes wonder what they'll have to say about the latest report of unacceptable amounts of raw sewage being dumped in the waters.  My guess is absolutely nothing.

You see, the culprit flushing their doo-doo in our drinking water is conservative Brookfield, located in the very red Walkersha County. Other culprits include Paul Ryan's Janesville and the Fox Valley's Oshkosh.

It's also worth noting that while the zombie bloggers and squawkers were hollering about how the city of Milwaukee should separate their sewer systems, despite the fact that this would raise their taxes by astronomical amounts, Brookfield does have separate sewers, yet had the same problems.

In summary, even though it would serve no purpose outside of an "I told you so," Mayor Tom Barrett could give Sykes and friends the Deep Tunnel Award for their selective outrage.  Or better yet, we could give them to the Deep Tunnel, which seems almost more fitting.

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