Saturday, October 1, 2011

Because the Right Knows So Much About Civility

When the right winger whine and mewl about the horrible left and the lack of civility they show when they actually gather and sing, it only shows how pitiful and insecure they really are.

But while they complain of people singing, or God forbid, telling the power-abusing Republicans "Shame!", the somehow have never gotten around to mentioning their hero, the lying Andrew Breitbart, who told Wisconsin's working men and women to "Go to Hell!"

Given their level of selective and faux range, I doubt that anyone will condemn Breitbart when he increases his attention seeking desperation  to crossing the line and and goes NSFW*.

So how do the right sound off on one of their own dropping f-bombs?  They join right in on it, the poor adolescent fools that they are.

*Note to Breitbart: It might be formidable and dramatic if you didn't squeal when you say it.

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