Monday, March 19, 2012

Charlie Sykes The Misogynist

Charlie Sykes, the mouthpiece for WISGOP, just ended a tirade against his favorite Republican presidential candidate, Rick Santorum.  Santorum earned the wrath of Sykes because he said that as president, he would ban pornography.

Sykes stated that he thought the move was wrong, yelling things like:
"Keep your hands off my Internet! Keep your hands off my movies! Keep your hands off the books I read!"
This is the same Sykes that didn't have a problem with the GOP-controlled state legislature invading women uteri and telling them that they don't have a right to decide what happens to their own bodies.

I really can't tell which is more outrageous, his hypocrisy or his misogyny.


  1. Vicki McKenna pointed out an interesting fact the other day. When the left wants to talk about womens rights the only topics are birth control and abortion. Is that what women are to the democrats? Sex and Babies? Never about equal pay, or equal treatment. You want misogyny? Listen to Sly for a while:

  2. Vicki McKenna is Charlie Sykes' clone. Who cares what she says. The rethugs have been pushing their opposition to birth control and abortion forever. This digression means nothing; simply an attempt to muddy the picture. The real misognyists are you, IMBR, to keep repeating this nonsensical crap.

    1. "who cares what she says". Thats sounds more misogynistic than anything I've said.
      I could care less about either birth control or abortion, as long as I am not paying for somebody else to get them free. But now thats not spreading the wealth around is it. Let me know when your kids come to my door for trick or treat so I can take half of their candy to give to the neighbors kid who was to lazy to go trick or treating herself. That will make me less of a misogynist. Right?