Friday, March 16, 2012

Those brainwashed high schoolers

We learn on Facebook that:
The afternoon Solidarity Sing Along on 3/15/2012 was invaded by students from a Sheboygan High School that chanted Stand with Walker.
Can you imagine what the WTMJ Republican radio talkers would have to say if the kids had decided to sing along? Brainwashed by left-wing, union goon teachers, no doubt.

Presumably they are in Madtown for the state basketball tournament, not on a class trip. That would be wrong, right?

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  1. As noted on Cog Dis, there were 2 players for Sheb. Lutheran's team named Leibham. Related to State Sen. Joe Leibham? And if so, did Joe and his staff put the kids up to it? Makes you wonder, don't it?