Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Ever Classless Kevin Fischer

Kevin Fischer is one self-centered, selfish, egotistical blowhard if there ever was one.

Tonight, Fischer is whining about the meteorologists handling of the weekend's weather. He feels that they were too excessive in their warnings and alerts. After all, Milwaukee County, his little part of the big, wide world, only got 1.1 inches of snow.

Unfortunately, the rest of the state didn't get off so lightly.

The storm was so severe that a 150-mile stretch of I-94 had to be closed and many parts of the state received 18 inches or more, not counting the blizzard like conditions caused by the high winds.

And even that isn't the most grievous part of Fischer's egomania. The weather caused five people to lose their lives and that isn't cute or funny.

It's amazing how insensitive and unaware Fischer can be at times.


  1. Not amazing even a little. Roads in Rock County were closed into Monday morning. If it doesn't happen TO Fischer he doesn't believe it happens to anyone.

  2. The word is "narcissist".

  3. Someone actually married that asshole. I wonder if she'll ever come to her senses.