Wednesday, December 8, 2010

McIlheran Gets Schooled

A couple of weeks ago, Patrick McIlheran crowed about a school district that chose another health care provider besides WEA. In McIlheran's world, anything to do with teachers is obviously evil, and thus should be condemned as such.

Too bad for Paddy that reality, as usual, is not on his side on this issue. Thus comes the schooling:
I am writing in response to columnist Patrick McIlheran's angry attack on my company, the WEA Trust.

He wrote in a Dec. 2 column on Perspectives that my company just lost the Milton School District as a health insurance customer because we were outbid. That is true. We competed in a fair bid process, and in this instance, the school district chose another carrier.

But McIlheran went on to make a series of unfounded and unwarranted statements that we must refute. He concluded that because we lost the business, my company, therefore, "sucks away scarce school money" from all of our state's schools where we do business. It's a choice between "more taxes or more ignorance," he says.

That's outrageous.
If P-Mac holds true to his nature, any day now he will be putting up a blog ridiculing the corrective post.

The funny thing, though, is that I never would have thought McIlheran was so much against the free market system.

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