Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Real Have Whines About The Have Nots

Part of Charlie Sykes' almost daily repertoire is to attack union workers, especially if they are public employees. He does this because it is one of the normal Republican talking points as well as to bolster the already flagging popularity of Goobernatorial-elect Scott Walker.

But interestingly, I have recently received the latest issue of Milwaukee Magazine, in which they have a piece discussing various people's salaries. And yup, Ol' Chuckles is among the ones listed:
CHARLIE SYKES, Conservative Talk Radio Host, 620 WTMJ-AM: $170,000 plus bonus

(Salary estimated by WTMJ radio insiders; Sykes declined to confirm.)
This does not mention whatever he gets paid directly by the Bradley Foundation, or indirectly from the Bradley Foundation as editor of WPRI (Wankers Promoting Republican Ideals).

I guess the conservatives put high value on talented liars and blowhards.

Remember this when he is bitching up a storm about the county parks worker making $12 an hour. Now you know he isn't looking after Joe Taxpayer when he is attacking union workers. He's only promoting the talking points of the Greedy Old Perverts who are angry because they don't have all of our money yet.


  1. bitching up a storm about the county parks worker making $12 an hour

    As opposed to the scary furriners that Chris Kujawa exploits. Can't have it both ways, Chuckles.

  2. Let's see. How many successful talk show host are in the Milwaukee market? Not many. Maybe 10 or less?
    How many people can do the park worker job. Ten's of thousands?
    Yeah, Sykes is worth the money and the park workers are worth their money. Supply and demand.

  3. Sykes show comes in fourth place in the Milwaukee market. And there are talk radio stations in every town in WI. Do the math, he's not all that. And at least the park workers still have their souls.