Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Charlie Antoinette and the Elitist Right

Sykes has a condescending post regarding the rally held at the Talgo plant on Monday, calling on Scott Walker to stop his foolishness and to allow the high speed rail to go through Wisconsin. His post is short and sour with its bitterness. After making it seem like 200 attendees were no big deal, he adds this:

Steve Prestegard: observes:

Isn’t this amusing. Walker doesn’t get inaugurated for six weeks, and already he has billboards and chanting protestors.

Where were these people when Taigo got the train contract instead of Super Steel?

And … I wonder how much the protestors pay in state and local taxes each year.

Here's a few facts for Charlie Antoinette and his pal, Stevie, to work on.

The rally was no smaller than, and probably bigger than, most teabagger festivals, and it was genuine grassroots instead of a Koch Brother-sponsored hatefest that they prefer.

And why do they think it is amusing? As they point out, Walker is six weeks away from taking the oath for governor, yet he is trying to act like he has already been ordained as king. And this is on top of the fact that he hasn't even finished his job as county executive, considering the stinking mess he is going to be leaving behind.

As for Super Steel, they seem to forget the truth behind that. It was Tom Barrett that fought for Super Steel while Walker was MIA as usual. In fact, it was Super Steel that cut their own throats in the deal:
However, Department of City Development spokesman Jeff Fleming said city officials originally pushed for Super Steel to get the Talgo contract and only offered the Tower Automotive site to Talgo after the company told city officials that the Super Steel facility would not meet its needs.

Talgo spokeswoman Nora Friend said Super Steel first wanted to be a subcontractor to build the trains. Talgo turned that offer down because it was too expensive, she said. Super Steel then submitted a bid to provide space for Talgo, but the space did not meet the company's needs, she said.

After the Tower Automotive site, the runner-up sites were in Racine and Janesville, Friend said.
Talgo will lease the space at the Tower Automotive site from the city at market rates, for $2.59 per square foot, or $344,470 a year, Fleming said. The city is not providing free rent or utilities, he said.

“What Scott Walker and Fred Luber are saying is false,” Fleming said.

"This is just political talk," Friend said. "We are not getting any subsidy at all."
And finally, what the hell is that crack about how much they pay in taxes? Is he implying that poor people or unemployed people are beneath them somehow, or that one should have to pay a certain amount to be allowed to exercise their First Amendment rights?

Now that the election is over, the right feels it's OK for them to show their true colors and their disdain for anyone they feel isn't worthy, like the poor and unemployed. Apparently they also forgot that there's always another election coming up.

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