Thursday, November 25, 2010

Holy Snit Fits, Pat, Man!

Patrick McIlheran is in clear conniption mode when the news came out that the bike racks on Milwaukee County buses are gaining popularity by leaps and bounds, with their usage climbing a jaw-dropping 569% from one year ago.

Unable to simply admit he was wrong yet again, McIlheran unleashes his frustration on Milwaukee County Supervisor Marina Dimitrijevic because she touted that this was a good thing. In his snit fit, Paddy launches this:
We? Where does she get the presumption? Transit's healthier? Given how far I park from work, I now walk more than when I took the bus. And I have no idea what Dimitrijevic is talking about when she says it’s more “positive” when people are gotten out of their cars. Like what? “I’m positive that bus should have been here 20 minutes ago.” That kind of positive?
One would think that with the increasing amounts of asthma cases being diagnosed, not to mention the high number of Air Quality warnings that Milwaukee has been receiving, most sane people would think less pollution would be healthier for all involved.

And considering that some of the top business leaders have been touting the need for a better transit system in the county, I would say that any improvement in our transit system would be a definite positive.

Paddy then goes on with one of his usual paeans to the automobile, which at first made me think he was just doing the usual pro-road builder propaganda piece.

But on further thought, I think his misplaced anger isn't all that misplaced. He is just reflecting the angst that the right wingers (or in the case of the CRG - abject fear) have that a strong, progressive woman like Dimitrijevic is becoming one of the top contenders for the county executive spot.


  1. I'm thinking that you mean County Executive spot.

  2. Duly noted and corrected. Thank you.