Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sykes The Sophomoric

Bert over at folkbum's takes Charlie Sykes' lack of decorum to task:

Like the stink in your bachelor buddy’s car, the ugliness issued from the hard, black heart of right-wing WTMJ-AM radio is something you can get used to after a while.

In my case, when the station played Elton John’s “The Bitch is Back” while discussing first lady Michelle Obama about a month ago, I thought that was undeserved but not at all surprising. Also, I’m used to show host Charlie Sykes and his sophomoric, classless taunting of the outgoing Democrats. Rep. David Obey gets called “a horse’s ass”, Gov. Jim Doyle is a “lying sack of sh&#” whom Charlie audibly “flips off”, and Sen. Russ Feingold’s new campaign slogan should be “want fries with that?” Get it? Get it? Whatever.


  1. On those low's intimidation, right? When this particular type of Right Winger does this, you are on some kind of warning.If you counter them with a different IDEA you'll get the same schoolyard stuff. Do not dare to have an IDEA with somebody like this. They want you to think twice before you open your mouth.
    Lastly- Yeah, don't mess with Neil.

  2. I imagine when he and Liz Woodhouse were setting off illegal fireworks at the park he was playing "Rocket Man."

  3. So, how is Sykes any different from you write about Walker?

  4. Does Capper have a radio show that doesn't allow his opinion to be challenged? Until that answer is "Yes", it ain't close to the same, Danny. And you know that.

    Bluecheddar- You punch back hard and be on their case at every turn. That's how Scotty must be treated. If they don't like the vigilance, they shouldn't sign up for the gig.