Wednesday, November 24, 2010

McIlheran Goes For the Pulitzer In Hypocrisy

Patrick McIlheran put up a post yesterday decrying how a UW professor, Charles Franklin, who stated that the recent elections showed that voters were "pretty damn stupid."

In fact, P-Mac went into a lengthy tirade about the affair.

Which shows how hypocritical McIlheran is and how stupid he thinks we are.

For it was just a day or two before when he told his detractors to "Go back to Mommy's basement and let the adults talk."

And we're not the only ones that noted that Patrick himself isn't the nicest or sharpest knife in the drawer. Bruce Murphy, in his weekly column, notes:
I haven’t always agreed with Bauman, but he strikes me as one of the smarter, more thoughtful Common Council members. You’d never know that from McIlheran’s columns. His silly swipe at the alderman makes you wonder if McIlheran has ever made any attempt to understand what is going on in city government. That seems like a prerequisite for anyone presuming to instruct us on how it works.
Illy-T also has his take on the callous calumnist.

Perhaps one of his close friends should point out to Paddy that they don't give Pulitzers for hypocrisy.

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  1. I presume that's the category in which Sykes got his "nomination."