Saturday, September 6, 2008

Belling’s buffoonery gains national notice

Media Matters for America has an item about Mark Belling's September 4th show where he attacked feminist activist Gloria Steinem:

On the September 4 broadcast of The Mark Belling Late Afternoon Show, radio host Mark Belling called author, activist, and Ms. magazine co-founder Gloria Steinem a "grizzled old bag," and an "old witch." Belling made these remarks while discussing Steinem's September 4 Los Angeles Times op-ed, in which she criticized Sen. John McCain's choice of Gov. Sarah Palin as his vice-presidential running mate. Belling also asserted: "She [Steinem] was the cutting edge feminism. Feminists prior to her were the old bags, the previous generation prior to the [The Feminine Mystique author] Betty Friedans of the world, the women that were so ugly you couldn't stand to look at them. Here came Gloria Steinem wearing the mini skirts and dating the famous people and being the glamorous representation of what American feminism is. Well now Gloria Steinem is just nothing more than a 74-year-old, embittered, old has-been sitting out in Los Angeles."

Here’s the audio clip:

The thing about Belling’s rant is that it’s more representative of the actual views movement conservatives have about women than this week’s love fest for Sarah Palin in St. Paul. You’re welcome to the party—as long as you’re anti-Choice and don’t make a fuss about women getting paid less, overall, than men. No one should be surprised when the right’s new found concern for women disappears after November 4.

(H/T: illusory tenant.)


  1. Belling is going off on a 74 year old woman. To further his obvious sexism, he is supporting a grizzled 72 year old McMansion. No, no double standards here.

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  3. The thing about Belling’s rant is that it’s more representative of the actual views movement conservatives have about women than this week’s love fest for Sarah Palin in St. Paul.

    No you idiot, this says what one person's views are in response to one other person, nothing more.

    Nice try though.

    I guess by your standard, seeing as who you got this from, that it is the view of every liberal towards all women they are all "c"'s....

    This is the problem with ALL of you lefties including your idiot King here.

    You people all need mental help.

  4. Freddy, Freddy, Freddy...

    What to do with such a little goof like you? Did you start Drinking Right a day early?

    Belling as a long history of prejudicial attitudes. Remember, he was the one that got suspended for the 'wetback' comment.

    But you mistake Mathias for McCain. Twas McCain that called his wife the c-word, and yet you support him. What does that say about you, fly? Nothing that the rest of us didn't already know, but let's see if you're honest enough to admit it. I doubt it.

    But I never saw you criticize this crap.

    But your hypocrisy precedes you, fly. Just be glad I'm too busy to be bothering any more with the likes of you.

  5. You would not get the point if it bit you in the ass Capper.

    Your child Mathias here wants to label every conservative with what one person said...

    You apparently agree.

    That's just ridiculous.

    Like my post about the idiots who vandalized an army recruitment station, I went out of my way to say that the actions of those hooligans should not reflect on every day rank and file Dems. In human land we call that fair...

    Not you guys, you want to pile on and assess blame everywhere you can.

    You are the King of the hate left around here Chris, and there is no shortage of village idiots.

    Have fun with your kingdom of fools.

  6. Fly-

    You're histrionics is showing again. Reread Michael's post. He is not saying all conservatives are sexist.

    I will not speak for Michael, but I have often mention conservatives, even McBride, in positive notes, when they do the right thing.

    But the truth and reality rarely interest you, unless you can find a way to use it to your advantage. Otherwise you continue with your hate, your lies and your hypocrisy, as is your wont.