Monday, September 8, 2008


He-Whose-Tie-is-Too-Long links to a T-shirt available on CafePress that says, "I am Sarah Palin. Her story is my story," entitling the post "Tips for the Well-Dressed Conservative Woman."

I wish I were making that up.

Seriously, the first time I see a woman wearing that shirt, I am going to be uncontrollably compelled to ask, "So, you have five children with somewhat odd names, one of whom has Down Syndrome, and one of whom is pregnant out of wedlock with a self-proclaimed "f-ing redneck," your husband supported your home state's secession from the United States right up until you were elected Governor of your state before being asked to inject youth and a bogus reformer image into a septuagenarian Washington insider's wayward campaign which up until now has focused almost exclusively on experience (not that you have all that much) and reminding us all five hundred times a day that he was, in fact, a POW for five-and-a-half years? Oh, and you smoked pot but didn't like it? That's your story?"

Maybe the fact that my second chromosome is a Y and not an X is preventing me from grasping some greater truth about women's solidarity, but is it really just the fact that Palin has two X chromosomes that would make people wear shirts like this? Or is it that some people feel comforted when people who are "just like them" get elected to office, instead of "elites" (however loaded with crap that term has to be to not include a wealthy son of a former President who was educated at Yale and Harvard)?

So, I confess, maybe I'm too male to understand, but this shirt is seriously creeping me out.

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  1. shouldn't it be a maternity dress?

  2. Wow, do I ever want one of those shirts!