Sunday, September 14, 2008

Stay Classy, Republicans

For all their denial that race is a factor in the upcoming presidential elections, the Republicans must think that people are as ignorant as they are.

First there was the T-shirts that tried to portray Obama as Curious George.
Then they were selling racist buttons.
Now, those classy Repugnicans are selling boxes of "waffle mix" with racist pictures on the front and back of the box. It even includes the already disproved allegations that Obama is a Muslim. Only a moron or someone blinded by their own racism still believes that. Real classy, these Republicans.

Tip of the crown to James Rowen.


  1. Yep, no racism to see here.

    Move along...

  2. Of course, this is wrong. But, of course, what you don't mention, is the group that was putting on the event that the waffle mix was at. closed down the booth, once they found out about it. I know, minor detail. would a liberal group do this, I doubt it.

  3. Why is the picture on the front of the box racist? Isn't it just a caricature of Obama? Is it just because he's black?

  4. Dan, they also were allowed to sell tons of it and have their own web site now as well. It is still inexcusable.


    It is sad if someone as to point out that the traits emphasized in the caricature is typical profiling.

  5. Funny grumps. I know, the liberals are clean as the wind driven snow. Perfect angels. Oh, by the way, who broke into Sara Palin's e-mails?

  6. Dan,

    Better question...Why was Palin performing government business on a Yahoo account? Why was she avoiding transparency in government?

  7. Yes, capper, where is your evindence? Why don't you condem these attacks on privacy? Oh, I know, because it is a coservative, it's ok. Maybe I should try to hack into your e-mail, capper. Not that I know how.