Thursday, September 18, 2008

I Can Explain That

Kev wonders why the corporate cuts at MJS go largely unreported in the paper while his own defenestration from WTMJ was reported with stunning rapidity and clinical detail.
The fact is Cuprisin is more than gleeful to report ASAP the firings in the not so kind, rough and tumble broadcast business. Many moons ago, when I was let go by WTMJ, there was a brief headline on Page One instructiing [sic] readers to turn to another page. On that page, a few paragraphs with more instructions to turn to Cuprisin's column. My firing, however, somehow failed to make it in the sports section.

It's easy to explain, Kev. The JS is just giving people what they want.


  1. Hey, Kev is talking about it! Does that mean he's finally getting help?

  2. Guess it's because everyone loves a pig roast.

  3. Is he still crying over all those lost tomatoes?