Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It's Primary Day

Today is Primary Day. Go out and vote, and when you vote, vote smart.

Like for Marge Krupp, for example:

We need Krupp

Marge Krupp, the most hard-working and qualified candidate for the 1st Congressional District, gets my vote on Tuesday.

When I look at my food, water and air, I want to know there is someone protecting me in Congress that has a chemical engineering degree — Marge has it with honors. No staffer will to do her homework for her. She won’t be fooled by lobbyists or cronies working for chemical companies.

Marge’s MBA from Northwestern will be needed as the debate turns to businesses we need to attract and how to do that. She won’t be forced to rely on staffers to explain things to her.

Marge still made time to serve her church as a president, dug up vegetables for the needy, gave time to the Shalom Center. She worked hard with her husband making a home and raising their son. Now, that’s a hard worker dedicated to improving the lives of people around her.

Marge wants access to decent heath care for every American, she wants a decent education for every child, she knows that without a college degree you don’t have a bright future in the workplace. She wants to make higher education achievable for all students.

Marge Krupp, the only serious candidate for these serious times. We need Marge Krupp to represent us.

Kay Collins-Schulz


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