Monday, September 15, 2008

GOP Director Says, "No list is perfect." Attorney General Says, "Huh?"

Well let's see how last week went. Attorney General Goodhair filed suit against the Government Accountability Board, essentially because the refused to go back in time and clean up the database discrepancies between the voter rolls and the DoT files.

The GAB has said that it has confidence that the files can be made to match going forward from August of this year. The AG wants them to be forced to go back to January of 2006 to meet the arbitrary deadline set within the Hinder American Voters Act (brought to you by Flyin' Jim Sensenbrenner.) Goodhair (Did we mention that the AG is co-chair of McCampaign in Wisconsin?) says that a 20% mismatch rate between the databases is unforgivable and has filed his little suit just in time to create maximum disruption at the polls in November.

Also this past week, McCampaign is soliciting vote fraud by mailing out flyers asking, mostly Democrat voters, to file for an absentee ballot in a district in which they do not reside. The McCain Campaign, false sense of honor intact, claims a mistake. "We never intended to disqualify Democrats," they demur. "We are not lying scum who would take advantage to drum up a cry of fraud," they claim with a straight face.

Here's the money quote from Mark Jefferson, executive director of the state GOP..."You do the best with the lists you have, and no list is perfect...[ ]" There you have it. "No list is perfect."

Somebody should tell the Attorney General. (Did I mention that the Attorney General, tasked with maintaining fair elections is co-chair of the campaign for the formerly honorable John McCain?)


  1. Don't you think there is a difference between a voter registration list and a mailing list? Which is more important?

  2. Which one is more important? Why the people committing actual fraud, of course. That would be the people sending out bogus ballots in a blatant effort to get the Democrats' votes disqualified.

  3. i hear van hollen is bringing in katherine harris to match up lists of registered voters with lists of felons. by the way, thanks for giving us access to doonesbury now that it's gone from the incredible shrinking journal-sentinel. any right-wing bloggers connecting to mallard fillmore?