Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fischer Bites On Another Hook

For someone that is supposed to have a journalistic background, Fischer isn't much better than that other person who claimed to be a journalist and teaching professional (whatever her name was again).

This time he bit on the lies spread by Camp McShame about Obama's campaign discarding hundreds of American flags.

Too bad for Kevin that it was made up. Too bad it was made up by the same guy who got into trouble for lying about John Kerry in 2004. Of course, it would make sense that old Kev bit on this one.

The other liar was from Faux News, and they can't tell reality from delusion either.

Tip of the crown to Jay.


  1. I'm shocked Kevin Fischer would buy into this story hook line and sinker. I'm shocked!

  2. It doesn't matter to those on the right like Fischer if they're lying about a story like this. The truth isn't their goal.

    Spreading rumors and lies is, with the full knowledge that if they spread it enough, it'll get picked up by right-wing talk show host X and propelled even further into the conscience of those who want to believe something like this.

    Then a few weeks from now they can trot out the "story" and how it proves that Sen. Obama and Democrats alike are unpatriotic flag burning killers. The only proof they'll need at that point is that everyone was talking about it weeks before, which in their minds is all they need. Just keep referencing a lie and it will become true.

    It's sick.

  3. Too bad both sides werer wrong. The guy who found them said they were sitting there for several days. No, they were not mixed up in trash, but to place flags in garbage bags is also wrong.
    But again, the left and right really don't want to discuss issues, they just want to play a game of gotcha.

  4. I'm assuming "dan" is in the center.