Sunday, September 7, 2008

Someone Slipped James Wigderson A Mickey

For those of you that are new, or may have simply forgotten, here is a brief background on mickey.

mickey is an extreme righty commenter that could be immediately identified by his immature name-calling, his spastic keyboard, and his over the top personal attacks. Because he is so often so far out of control, he has been banned from various right wing sites, like Booots and Sabers and Badger Blogger.

mickey had disappeared for a while, but like a bad penny, he has shown up again. The only difference is that he now uses the name "gus". He still had the same name-calling and the same over the top personal attacks. Now it appears his keyboard appears to have had a relapse.

In a post in which James bit on the false flag story, mickey/gus has shown that he is already in mid-season form:

Folktunes, Obama is not patriotic.
You cannot impugn someones Patriotism, when the person "impugned" is not patriotic.
Jay, a bit of advice??? N'est ce pas???
Get off of the Obama-wagon. He is a complete and utter LOSER. CAPITAL L, CAPITAL O, CAPITAL S...yet get my drift Jay???
Or Jay, you can make a bigger ass of yourself.Kerry was a Fraud, Obama is a waist of time......Gore????
Jay, are you a "Gore man"?
Jay, do you see a PATTERN DEVELOPING?
Jay, you are a decent guy, but you are being SUCKERED by those you desperately want to believe in.
Cutting to the chase Jay.
Santa Claus does NOT exist.
Jay, CARING, does not make you BETTER.CARING has no value.gus

09.06.08 - 11:20 pm #


  1. Well, I count myself disappointed, since if "Folktunes" is the very best he can do, as opposed to past favorites "Folkswagen" and "Mr. Folkdoom," "gus" has obviously reached the end of his creative rope with regard to insulting names for Jay. Since he's already scraping the bottom of the intellectual barrel, his usefulness appears to be, at long last, at its end.

    I think someone could write a tragedy about when internet trolls run out of even marginally amusing things to say, with this clown as the protagonist, er, main character.

  2. Ah, mickey. He's always good for a laugh!

  3. as someone who best remembers "gus" as the kindly, elderly fireman on "leave it to beaver," this is sacrilage.