Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Mickey At His Best

Since McBride's hasn't posted in a long time, we have been denied the insight of John. To make up for the deficiency, Whallah! offers mickey, who left this comment on a post at Badger Blogger:

I’m listening to Rodham’s Ohio speech, and I must say that I am stunned.
This woman is clearly deluded. Rodham, clearly believes the horse-shyte that she spews. As I listen, I notice that she is obviously reading her speech. But I hear so much that boggles the mind.
She thinks she’s experienced at National Security. She believes that she was actually co-President. She sincerely believes that she is qualified and ready to be President from day one. But what truly is hard to fathom is her nonsense about ending the WAR in IRAQ, and WINNING the WAR in Afghanistan. This women is completely without any shame or conscience.
She wants to win the war in Afghanistan!!!!
She has bigger balls than B.J.Billy Clinton.
And is equal in morals and character.


  1. This man and I use the term very loosely needs to be taken out of the media and given a job as a trial lawyer.

  2. So many commas, so little time.

  3. Capper, I was going to tell you to change the font on McBride has a blog to strikethrought. Byt then I noticed you did not put it on the heading. You must have known she was going to fail at that as well.

    Great foresight.