Sunday, September 14, 2008

Is PaddyMac's Job In Jeopardy?

If I were Patrick McIlheran, I would start updating my resume. First we have seen how, twice in the last year, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has cut key staff people due to their financial troubles. Then this past week, they've started cutting features and consolidating others, all in an effort to cut down the size of the physical paper.

It doesn't help Paddy to be spending all that time and wasting all that ink on a column that is quite false in nature. His points are so weak that even Charlie Sykes and Dad29 feel they have to act as endorsers (or is apologists) for such drivel.

To make things even worse for Paddy, they actually printed a column by a talented writer, James Rowen, on the front page of the Crossroads section. All this does is highlight that Paddy is severely lacking in honesty and talent.

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