Thursday, September 18, 2008

There's Something Fischy In Franklin

Franklin Mayor Tom Taylor, channeling his inner Scott Jensen, has been charged for using city employees to do work for his campaign while on the taxpayers' dime. For details, I would refer the gentle reader to Janet Evans and Greg Kowalski who are covering the developing story.

But this post is not about Taylor and any crimes he may or may not have committed. It is about Kevin Fischer and his response to the story.

Fischer comes out defending Taylor's behavior, but that should not come as a surprise to anyone, considering his own ethically-challenged behavior regarding work. What really caught my eye was this (emphasis mine):
I spoke with Assistant DA Bruce Landgraf a few weeks ago. We agreed that I wouldn’t publicize our conversation, but I gathered from our chat that no charges would be filed because of the nature and source of the complaint: Basil Ryan was setting the stage for an embarrassing defeat, and that is, indeed, what happened. Ryan was trounced by Taylor. I guess my read of the tea leaves about the complaint was wrong.

I am curious about this conversation. I would like to know in what capacity Fischer approached ADA Landgraf.

If he came as a blogger, or citizen journalist, why would the ADA talk so openly about an ongoing investigation, especially one that might lead, as this one did, to criminal charges being filed? I do not find that explanation as being plausible.

The same holds true if Fischer approached the ADA has a private citizen who happens to be chummy with the accused.

Another possibility was that Fischer was called in for questioning. Did he give Taylor bad advice? Was Fischer aware of these alleged improprieties when they occurred?

Yet another possibility is that Fischer approached the ADA in his official capacity as being an aide to State Senator Mary Lazich. I find this doubtful as well. This isn't the type of thing a state politician would get involved with or want to have their named tied to. Unless, of course, Fischer did this without the blessing of his boss, which would mean that Fischer was misrepresenting himself, which of course would be normal for him.

Or perhaps he got the brush off from the ADA, and he is trying to ease the pain of his bruised and fragile ego. This is also a very plausible scenario.

It would be very interesting to know how this alleged conversation between old Kev and the ADA took place, and under what pretense. Of course, I doubt Fischer will ever be forthcoming and honest about that whole thing.

After all, look again at the emphasized section from his post. "We agreed that I wouldn't publicize our conversation..." Isn't that exactly what he is doing by writing about it?

It's scary to think that this guy has any kind of role in the makings of the laws and policies of this great state. And that we, as taxpayers, have to pay for it.

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  1. "We agreed that I wouldn't publicize our conversation.."

    And then Kevin publicized the fact that he had a conversation with ADA Landgraf. How ironic is that?