Saturday, September 6, 2008

Who Are The Real Cowards?

Over the course of the last day or so, all of the local media squawkers have been haranguing about Oprah Winfrey not taking Sarah Palin on her show. They feel that this really needs to happen.

The irony in their complaints are hilarious. When was the last time that Charlie Sykes, Jeff Wagner or James Harris invited me, one of the other dozen writers here, Obama, Doyle, or any other liberal and/or Democrat onto one of their shows? Hell, they won't even let a liberal to call in most times.

Nor have our intrepid blabbermouths ever, not once, questioned why McMansions won't let Palin do even one, just one, interview with the media.

No wonder they fear even the specter of the Fairness Doctrine. They know their fragile lies can't hold up to the truth.


  1. Invite you to their shows? How about them even calling their targets before they start attacking them? It's great to have your family or co-workers start calling you with the news that you're the subject of a segment. Then try to get on the air to defend yourself. Yeah, right. Cowards, bullies, cheap-shot artists.

  2. They also neglect to mention that no candidate for national office appeared on Oprah's show in all of 2007 or 2008--including Barack Obama. Oprah has made a point of saying she would not use her show as a venue for the candidates this season.

  3. anonymous II says: anonymous is dead on right. So sad that some of us whom are not, in actual life, anonymous have to remain so to defend one's family against hearing rear guard attacks by "men" who would not meet us fairly and alone on a debate platform or an alley..