Tuesday, September 23, 2008

No Insight On Incite

Man, oh man. A guy goes away for a couple, three days, and all heck breaks loose.

As I am trying to catch up on the things I missed whilst tied up in other ventures, I find the perfect example on why no one, and I mean not one person, should ever take Patrick McIlheran seriously.

Showing he is the ultimate shrill for the hate-and-fear-mongering Republicans, Paddy puts up a notice that he will be on Sykes' Sunday Incite show, complete with this laugher (emphasis mine):
Well, politics hasn't gotten mean on "Sunday Insight with Charlie Sykes," though the tone of the presidential campaigns will be one of the topics.

Sykes is pure meanness. How else could one explain his racism, his sexism, his prejudice and his flat out lies?

PaddyMac isn't any better. Remember how he defended the blatant racism of a local blogger. Paddy called it "refreshingly caustic and pungent."

Only the most deranged, or the most fearful of sheep, could ever take either of these people seriously.

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  1. At approximately 9:38 a.m. Thursday Skyes berated a caller who questioned McCains motives for "suspending his campaign."

    Sykes managed to say McCain was correct two weeks ago when he said that the "fundimentals of the economy are sound" AND that McCain is correct now to suspend his campaign because not acting IMMEDIATELY could cause a recession or depression in the economy. Sykes made both points IN THE SAME SENTENCE!

    Next hour I assume Sykes will discuss how an economy can be fundimentally sound and on the verge of a depression at the same time.