Friday, September 26, 2008


Once again, gentle reader, we see Walker's weaselly ways with the county budget, cutting services, cutting jobs, cutting the quality of life for every man, woman and child in the county that doesn't happen to be one of his top staff members or one of his political backers.

He wants to services to the elderly. He wants to cut services to the disabled. He wants to cut services to the poor. He wants to cut the frequency of buses while raising fares. He wants to cut the quality of the parks. He wants to cut the livelihood of hundreds of workers.

What he needs to do is just cut the crap that he keeps trying to pull.

Please join me and several hundred of my friends to let Scott Walker know that the people of Milwaukee County want no more cuts to the services that we need to be a safe, affordable and proud community. Please join us as we let the county board know that we are holding them responsible for correcting Walker's negligence and maliciousness.

Join us at a rally for "No More Cuts" on Wednesday, October 15th at 5 p.m. It will be held at Clas Park, which is on the south side of the Milwaukee County Courthouse.

Further details will be made as they become available.

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  1. The Walker template for "leadership" can be summed up simply: "I refuse to govern."

    His budget process is simple. Create a budget which calls for massive cuts which he knows full well the County Supervisors will not approve. This budget does not raise taxes, but what does it matter? Walker KNOWS the supervisors will not approve it. In this way he keeps his campaign promise to Charlie Sykes, without actually having to keep it.

    Next, Walker sits back and lets the country supervisors create an actual budget. Walker then makes a big deal out of vetoing it, knowing full well his veto will be overridden.

    Then the following year, Walker can propose a new budget at the new HIGHER level of taxation passed the previous year, but still lower than the actual county needs. He again knows he will not have to live with his budget, because the entire process will begin again, and the supervisors will create and vote in their own budget.

    Of course, this year his two faced position is even more transparent, as he votes his own lacky's raises up to 26%.

    And now, in a few minutes, Charlie Sykes will be on the air, kissing and making nice to Walker, "one of the few politicians who holds the line on taxes..."

    I guess the complexity of the process, which Walker is smart enough to understand, is too deep for Sykes. After all, doesn't he notice that Walker's "tax freeze" budgets are never voted in?

    The supervisors should call Walker's bluff one year and pass his budget as presented.

    That would be the last we would see of Scott Walker. Of course, the suffering in the city this would cause makes it impossible for the supervisors to do so, politically or morally.

    s and b