Monday, September 8, 2008

Help Me Understand, Please

Chuck, who wets himself whenever someone mentions the Fairness Doctrine, seems to think that it's wrong for the bookers of the Oprah Show to ignore the Republican's VP Designate. I have some questions.

  1. Would Chuck let Oprah book his show?
  2. Why does Chuck think that Oprah's Show is an appropriate and necessary venue for a candidate who's dodging the Sunday news shows?
  3. Did TMJ's bookers try to get the candidate on his show when they were 20 miles up the highway?

There was a time when News and Entertainment were separate. That line has been blurring for quite some time now to the point where certain fools believe that Us Weekly is a news magazine. It's not so very long ago that the most we expected of Us Weekly was that the ink not come off on our hands while we waited for our tunafish to be run through the register.

But no, shows like Charlie's have been lowering the bar one day at a time to the point that some folks can't even tell what is news and what is dreck. Charlie will tell you that his show is news when it suits him and cry that it's entertainment when anyone mentions "standards." What's clear is that he really, really wants you to do something. Maybe you should ask why.

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