Friday, October 10, 2008

James T. Harris begs McCain to get in the gutter—Sykes sheds tears of unrepentant joy

Right now, the brilliant minds at the 620-WTMJ promotions department must be operating on all cylinders to suck as much cheap publicity out of James T. Harris’15 seconds in the national spotlight as they possibly can.

They’ve already managed to squeeze another day out of it by implying that Harris is a victim of an orchestrated “hate campaign” from the left. There hasn’t been a bandwagon yet that Charlie Sykes wouldn’t pounce on, so he musters up even more rhetorical excess than usual in asking, “What Was James T. Harris's Crime?

Well, since you asked, how about insisting that we elect a president based on a campaign of cheap shots, innuendo, distortions, and lies? How about demanding that political campaigns pander even more to the country’s lowest common denominator? How about contributing to an increasingly violent atmosphere at GOP rallies?

It’s safe to assume that Sykes, our resident highwayman of the low political road, probably doesn’t consider any of the above to be a crime.

What’s rather remarkable about all this bluster from Harris, Sykes, and the increasingly unhinged GOP base is that John McCain seems to be rejecting their begging to “hit Obama where it hits.” In their rush to crow about Harris’ performance, they seem to have completely overlooked McCain’s response. In the video clip, McCain makes it quite clear that he’d rather talk about the sorry state of the American economy. The audience, who cheered for Harris, barely peeps when their candidate for president finishes.

Watch it:

This pent-up yearning for more aggressive attacks, fanned by radio squawkers like Harris and Sykes, is starting to result in the McCain campaign losing any semblance of control over their audiences. At a town hall meeting in Minnesota today, McCain was booed after referring to Obama as a “decent person.”

Harris and Sykes must be so proud.


As a postscript, how exactly did James T. Harris get his place at the front of the stage? Was he planted there by the McCain campaign?

Freedom Eden reprinted a transcript from today’s Charlie Sykes show:

SYKES: Were you [an audience plant]?


SYKES: I know that. I just want to give you a chance...

HARRIS: You know, I talked to, I think it's Cameron at FOX. And he really grilled me on this because he said he didn't want any blowback. And I can understand where people are coming from. There were only like about 3 or 4 Americans of African descent in the audience. What people don't know is that I have done presentations for the Republican Party in Waukesha. I have a lot of friends in the party there and politicians and I called the office and asked for tickets.

So... And I knew that, you know, that I was, you know, a minority. And I am in the camp but I am a conservative so they would give, I'd be put in a prominent position. I had no idea I'd be that close to the stage.

And since I was there, I decided, 'You know what? I am going to ask this question,' because this really is on my heart and on my mind, and I want to at least put it out there that I'm fighting like he asked and I want him to fight to. And that's how it came about. There was no... I wasn't plucked by the McCain campaign. I've been accused of that. Lord have mercy, I've... people are saying that I got paid by the John..., by the McCain... I wish! I would love...!

Uh, huh. Okay. Anyway, just yesterday, before Harris went all viral, Freedom Eden reported:

James T. Harris, 620 WTMJ talk radio host, was in line a few hundred people behind me.

He wasn't there for long. James was picked out of the line and ushered to another entrance and given a great seat in the hall.

He even got the opportunity to ask a question at the town hall meeting.

Some guys have all the luck.

All the luck, eh? Well, I guess that’s one way to describe it.

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  1. James T. Harris isn't a victim; he's just reaping what he sowed.

  2. Months ago, I vowed to not post comments on this blog.

    However, I must refute your insinuation that I was implying James was plucked out of line by the McCain campaign as a token and that I thought it was unfair.

    That's absolutely false. I wrote further on the matter, stating that it appeared to me people knew him and they offered him the opportunity to get out of the line. I said I thought it was due to his connection to the media.

    James says he's done presentations for the Republican Party in WAUKESHA. As I suspected, this was NOT about a McCain campaign operative looking for African Americans to seat close to the stage.

    He verifies my assumption. He said: "I wasn't plucked by the McCain campaign. I've been accused of that."

    When you do work for the party, as James has, you're rewarded. I don't see that as unfair.

  3. If he was plucked, then so were a heck of a lot of other people. I stood in line for two hours and watched friends of Waukesha county republicans being picked out of the line to get good seats. Not a one of them I saw was black.

  4. I stood in line for two hours and watched friends of Waukesha county republicans being picked out of the line to get good seats. Not a one of them I saw was black.

    You made Michael's point. Thanks.

    Mary: Naive much?

  5. So doing presentations constitutes working for the party?

    Or are you implying Mr. Harris is working for the RPW or the Waukesha GOP?

    I could care less if he was plucked or not, but your argument is a contradiction of itself.

  6. Oh, wait, Obama doesn't pluck whites and Hispanics to fillthe seats close to his stage. Oh well. must be just a Republican thing. Of course the Democrats would never do such a thing. And they would never have fainting bimbos staged close to Obama either.

  7. There goes Danny-boy with another of his goofy, and not very well thought out, equivalency arguments again.

    Nothing. He still has nothing.

  8. Dan,

    That was a rather sexist comment. You expect better from us, and I expect better from you.

  9. You have to admit, in that crowd Harris stood out a tad, considering that this is a party had a record low percentage of minorities at their national convention.

    Nothing life is 100% anything, though the black vote for Obama will come close.

    Since Harris is unconvincing in explain what this candidate has to offer to black people (or for the rest of us), his motives can become questioned.

  10. Can't bimbos be men?

  11. James T. Harris is a fine example of an "Educated Retard". In this election you must vote for 2 people, one to become President, and one that may become President, if he thinks that Palin is anywhere close to being quailfied to be either..........well let's just say that has be a serious waste of money trying to educate a rock.
    Tear up your Diplomas, you've disgraced Higher Education fool.

  12. Dan-

    Weak. Now say you're sorry. It is obvious what you meant.

  13. I always wondered what's it like to have your own liberal version of Mickey/Gus on your site.

  14. Ok, how is this? And they would never have fainting human beings, when faced with a popular figure, they faint, staged close to Obama.
    Just like this:

  15. It is fascinating to watch these people in their last throes. Yell all you want, Charlie. Play victim all you'd like, Mr. Harris. Wield your prissy, racialist and incoherent moralism, McIlheran. You're speaking to yourselves. The times have passed you by, and history already is judging you cruelly.

  16. harris would be more popular if he said that the "t" stands for "tiberius."

  17. Dan/Mickey/Gus -- No difference.

  18. Wanna-b-so-called "journalists need to get a real job... you're so uneducated and worthless. Bunch of whiners.

    Harris has a voice and can say whatever he wants, wherever he wants. You are just a tiny voice in this vast universe. Seems like you have to scream to be heard. Harris does not. He got the message across the nation LOUD & CLEAR. Stupid ediotic left wingers. You should fall off the edge.

  19. "Stupid ediotic left wingers."

    That's ironic...