Friday, October 17, 2008

Mr. Take-It-To-Him Can't Take It Taken To Him

James T. Harris, who begged and pleaded for John McCain to ensure his failure on November 4th, had it taken to him during a live appearance on CNN. Harris, who prides himself on his tough guy image, belies that false front by storming off like a tantruming child when called out on his shilling for McCain. Courtesy of Dan Cody, here is the video:

Tim Cuprisin has the transcript of the tantrum on his blogsite.

I would have thought that a guy as tough as Harris wouldn't have a glass ego.


  1. Can you say choke? This guy was going to run away even before ANY comments about him had been made. This is just like the call-in show (and Sykes and Belling too) you call in and respond in the same way they speak to you and they cut you off. I am not sure if anyone recalls the Rush Limbaugh TV show that was one for a few weeks when he first came out? He got his can whipped every week! He like these guys when confronted in person with sides other than their own run away...

  2. Same thing can be said of Ed schultz who ran off the Fox news set with his tail behind his legs.

  3. Who let the sheep loose on this blog?

  4. So what, Dan. Has there ever been a post in which you did follow the subject?

    Harris is a putz.