Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Pickle For Charlie

Charlie Sykes loves big business. It doesn't matter what the business is, oil, pharma, weapons manufacturing, just as long as it's big.

Charlie Sykes also hates letting minorities and elderly people vote. That is why he is always having faux outrage about Voter ID and ACORN.

Now Charlie Sykes is in a pickle. It appears that big business, Aurora Health Care, is holding voter registration drives.

I wonder if his head will explode. I hope not.

Hairspray all over could create quite the mess.


  1. Here's the difference: ACORN does it illegally. The practice by ACORN or requiring a certain amount of signatires a day invites illegal activity.

  2. All right, Danny-boy. That made no sense. You say that ACORN does it illegally.

    Does what illegally?

    Oh, you say requiring a certain amount of signatures invites illegal activity.

    Invites being the key word.

    Hmmm. So what was it that ACORN does illegally?