Monday, October 6, 2008

Playing The Race Deck

Charlie Sykes and his cronies often would say that when Obama won the Democratic nomination, that racism no longer existed. What a load of crap.

The burly Brawler notes that Sykes himself did some race baiting regarding tax policies and the current economic collapse.

And of course, we have already seen racist buttons, shirts and waffle boxes.

Both Zach and Other Side tell us of a teacher in Florida that makes up a vile distortion of Obama's slogan of "Change" into a overtly racist acronym that uses the "N" word, and only gets a slap on the wrist.

Another joker in Florida (what is with Florida?) that puts up a racist sign in his yard claiming that Obama is a "half-breed Muslin" [sec]. (I don't know if he thought Obama was half man and half a bolt of cloth, but if he was, I'd bet Rachel Ray would wear it as a scarf so that Michelle Malkin could have another hissy fit.) In the body of the article, they interview the clown and you can see just how ignorant some people's attitudes can truly be.

And to put the lipstick on the whole shebang, Sarah Palin is going around using racially tinged phrases to attack Obama. But that is not too surprising, considering how Palin mistreats the Native Americans in her own state. She has a history of being dismissive to minorities.

Instead of playing a race card, the right wing is playing the whole damn deck. The scary part is that they are doing this even though not a single one of them is actually playing with a full deck.


  1. And the left is playing ageism (if that is a word), sexism and shows off their elitism every second they can.
    It's despicable on both sides.

  2. dan, do you equate any attack against Sarah Palin as being sexist, or do you have specific examples of how she's been attacked in a blatantly sexist manner?

  3. ageism is a word, but the right plays it too. everyone plays everything they can get away with.

  4. I realize that you are using the left's talking points, but what exactly did Palin say that was racially tinged?