Thursday, May 29, 2008

Homeland Security: Fashion Police Division

Michelle Malkin, the national version of Jessica McBride, shows us how far some on the right will go in their selective outrage. She apparently led a successful campaign to get Dunkin Donuts to pull a commercial starring Rachel Ray, international terrorist.

You can read more about this in posts by our own grumps and our own kr.

And someone named Skippy the Bush Kangaroo (I love that name) has started a movement to let Dunkin Donuts that their a bunch of patsies for falling for this false outrage.
Unfortunately for Malkin, she is also apparently a terrorist, judging by her garb.
I just wonder when Homeland Security will go after those Canuckofacists, who have been shown wearing terrorist-like toques.


  1. Hunter over at Kos may have said it best.

    "I think perhaps the biggest danger facing America today is a new, tubthumping stupidity. Stupidity kills more Americans each year than terrorism, lightning, and bad gravy combined."

    If anyone truly believes that the DD/RR ad promotes a jihad then they must be declared publicly stupid. Not misinformed, not wrong, simply stupid.

  2. One needs to be simply stupid to even READ Michelle Malkin, much less follow her lead.