Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Bobblehead Watch: Day 3

Tim Cuprisin writes that there are still no bids in on the Belling Bobblehead:

What? Still no bidders?

Luckily, those rebate checks will be coming in soon from Uncle Sam, producing vast pools of disposable cash to invest in Internet auctions, thus spurring economic growth.
But even better than Cuprisin's witticisms are those of his commenters:
You know Belling will buy it hmself if he knows you're watching it!

The only reason I would bid on a Mark Belling bobble head is so I could smash it with a baseball bat, a la Office Space.

The profile shots on Ebay make Mark look like he is being convicted of a crime.
And my personal favorite so far:
If Mark does not have his bobblehead what will do the thinking for him?

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