Thursday, May 15, 2008

Note: The Context Is Important To Consider

Yesterday, I mentioned the fool in Georgia who is selling racist t-shirts with Senator Obama's name below a picture of Curious George.

Today, in his only posting, McIlheran also discusses it. He correctly points out how inappropriate it is. But then he goes and compares this blatantly racist piece of trash to people comparing Bush to a monkey. He deems them to be equally bad, both in his post, and repeatedly throughout the comments section.

Excuse my language, but that is utter bullshit.

There is a big difference between the two, and that is the context and the spirit in which each one is presented. The Obama shirt is based on an age-old prejudicial attitude that would compare African-Americans to monkeys, in an effort to make them seem less than human. The comparisons of Bush to a monkey is based not on race, but demeanor, decision-making skills, and general behavior.

In other words, the insult to Obama is based on his heritage, his race and his skin color. The insult to Bush is based on Bush is based on himself, and his actions.

For McIlheran to try to make the two comparable is beyond the pale and is unacceptable. It is the height of intellectual dishonesty and shows poorly on him.

Just as egregious is his attitude that "Well, the left started it." But what can one expect from a man who would not only defend, but actually compliment and praise another blogger who compares Mexicans to "chattering chihuahuas", makes ethnic jokes, and insults a major religion on a regular basis?

On this issue, you should read the takes by Dan Cody and our own Zachary.

The thing that concerns me is that James T. Harris is correct in one aspect of his post on this subject: We ain't seen nothing yet.

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