Thursday, May 15, 2008

Belling: Even Columns Like Mine Are Essentially Pointless.

That's not me saying it, that's Belling's own words.

He writes another post at GMToday, flirting with the line between subtle and blatant racism, as he bemoans the altruistic gift of Joseph Zilber. Mr. Zilber has pledged $50 million dollars of his own money to help improve Milwaukee's poorest neighborhoods.

But I won't go on about this. I will simply refer the gentle reader to two wiser men, who are also much better authors than I.

James Rowen has a succinct post expressing his agreement that Belling's comments are essentially pointless.

Paul Soglin gives us a more in-depth review, along with this line:
Belling has a Milwaukee view, or perhaps a world view that makes him incapable of understanding the problems of poverty and crime and how to fix them.

Indeed. Maybe Belling thinks the money could be better spent on a bobblehead.

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