Wednesday, May 28, 2008

To Be Damned With Faint Praise

Belling is beating his little drum for a Paul Ryan Vice-Presidency and takes the backhanded slap at the nominee-designate.
Ryan is everything McCain isn’t. ...young...loved by conservatives...a one-man idea factory...a little like Barack Obama ... offers the prospect that the next generation of leaders may be willing to tackle issues current leaders refuse to
address...a very smart guy who wouldn’t trip on the national stage...He may be only 38 years old, but he’s undeniably ready.
There's ringing endorsement of McCain for you. Ehna?


  1. Ryan (along with Sensenbrenner) were the only two of the entire Wisconsin delegation of ten in the Senate and Congress who voted against the proposed new G.I. Bill for vets who have served since 9-11.

    Two cheesehead chickenhawks who really know, with G.W. Bush, how to support the troops.

    Ryan's an excellent pick to go with McCain. He's so cute and so much younger. Like Obama. Very astute, Belling.

    For my 2 cents worth, I'd like to see Obama offer the V.P. spot to Chuck Hagel or Jim Webb. To appeal to the older crowd, don't ya know.

    Has anybody noticed that Mike Gravel, ex-U.S. Senator from Alaska, is persisting with his run for the White House? He opposes the occupation of Iraq. He opposed the U.S. war in Vietnam, and had the courage and responsibility about 35 years ago to release the Pentagon Papers which finally blew the whistle and informed the American people that the reason used to convince the Congress to vote to authorize the President to use military force in Vietnam was a lie, and informed us about many of the other official lies in the buildup to, and the years of aftermath of the invasion.

    Gravel has moved his campaign to the Libertarian Party, where he is able to present his views and insights in public debate (as opposed to the two major parties, both of which quickly moved to triangulate out those views, which are very popular with just us people.

    None of the major party candidates is even speaking about single-payer comprehensive universal health care, which is the only way (and the proven way) to improve health care outcomes in the USA, provide comprehensive health for everyone, and simultaneously reduce the per-capita cost of health care.

    None of them are suggesting that the occupation of Iraq should end now.

  2. One man idea factory?

    More like one man recycling plant.