Saturday, May 3, 2008

50,000 Served

Whallah! just hit another landmark of 50,000 unique hits. This comes on the heels of celebrating our first birthday.

Oh, I am aware it's not as good as some blogs are doing, but still not bad for a little old "typical liberal abuse/hate blog."

Thank you for reading. And thank you for your suggestions, tips and other emails. Keep'em coming!

And also a shout out to Grumps, Xoff, Other Side, Brawler and all the rest who help in this ongoing mission.


  1. 50000? COOL! (hmm, so it seems that everyone that claims not to read this "hate" site... probably actually does?)

  2. Actually, I hear capper was standing outside the public libraries
    handing out dollar bills to log on to Wallah

  3. No, anony, your sources had it wrong. I was charging righties a dollar for the privelege of logging on to Whallah! (don't know what wallah is, but you better see a doctor for that).

  4. (Dang...) I was going to ask for my two dollors, now I guess I owe someone a beer...

  5. did any body see te saturday freeman. was there a mcbride column. its not online at gmtoday. i couldnt find a freeman at the stores in milwaukee.