Sunday, May 11, 2008

McIlheran: I Want My Wally World

McIlheran, along with Sykes and some other right wing bloggers have themselves all in a snit because Ryan McCue, the mayor of Cudahy, was the deciding vote against a Wally World being built in Cuday.

Well, they just won't have that. They know what's best for Cudahy, even if some of them don't live there, and wouldn't be caught dead there.

But as even McIlheran points out, McCue ran on a platform that included his stance against Wally World:
From which his citizens can infer that the mayor simply has no good, articulable reason to not want Wal-Mart in town. He had previously said when running for mayor that he was against Wal-Mart, that Cudahy has an image problem and that Wal-Mart would worsen it. Which is nonsense: Most Wal-Mart supercenters around here are in more upscale places than Cudahy.

(Talk about an elitist attitude. Either he is a liberal in disguise, or that whole "liberal elitist" is a bunch of hooey.)

Did it ever occur to these people that since McCue ran on a platform that said no to Wally World, and the people of Cudahy voted him into office knowing this, that they could be OK with the idea that there wouldn't be this plight on their fair city? Or do they have a problem with people getting what they want and not getting what they don't want?


  1. Where do you pull this stuff out of...nevermind I don't want to know. I guess you'll spin anything to satisfy your own agenda.

    Perhaps...if McCue would articulate to the public why he doesn't want Wal-Mart in Cudahy (other than saying he doesn't like the image of Wal-Mart) there wouldn't be a need for this discussion. Oh...and it wouldn't hurt if he could share with the folks of Cudahy what he has planned for that area instead of Wal-Mart.

  2. How did you know the Wal-Mart was now going to Oak Creek?

    Randy Hollenbeck

  3. Merely a typo, Randy. Thanks for the heads up, though.